Lares & Inca Trail Experience – 4 Days


Lares & Inca Trail Experience – 4 Days

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The mixture that offer this Trek between The Lares valley which is rich on beautiful scenery and traditional living culture and the famous Inca Trail that leads to the citadel of Machu Picchu on the last days. This journey will take you through stunning mountain and crossing high passes, and have the opportunity to spend two nights near a traditional Peruvian village and take a hint of their way of living since ancient times.

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Tour Description

This tour combines perfectly living culture, history and precious sceneries al together in a 4-day trek that will remain as your best memories. Take pleasure on a regular hike and relaxing spring waters on your first day in Lares, afterwards you will enjoy of the beautiful patchwork of agricultural lands as surroundings and hike up to the highest point of the trek. The next day is also full of adventures as you will start the Inca Trail path towards Machu Picchu where you will be amazed by the beauty of the cobblestone steps and the impressive views from the Sun Gate where you will first arrive. Enjoy of a guided tour for about two hours through the citadel and then get lost yourself in the massive construction until is time to get back to Cusco.

Tour details

  • Duration:

    4 Days

  • Available Languages:

    Spanish, English

  • Service type:

    Small Group Service

  • Starting Point:

    Pick-up at your Cusco city center hotel

  • End Point:

    Regocijo Square


  • Relax in the beautiful Lares spring waters
  • Trek towards Machu Picchu through the most important part of the Inca Trail
  • Enjoy of a comfortable service in a small group

What is and what is not included

  • Transportation from your hotel to Lares Village
  • Entrance fee to the spring batch in Lares
  • Transportation from Pucara to Ollantaymbo
  • Tourist train from Ollantaytambo to Km 104
  • Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, from there shared transportation to Cusco city center (Regocijo Square)
  • 2 ways ticket bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes or vice-versa
  • Admission fee to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  • Accommodation including bathroom in Aguas Calientes
  • High quality and modern camping equipment
  • Professional cook and meals included (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches y 3 d+ners)
  • Emergency horse (from Huacahuasi to Pucara)
  • First-aid kit and Oxygen tank
  • Sleeping bags (can be rent, please ask your travel specialist)
  • Walking sticks
  • Breakfast on day 1, and lunch and dinner on day 4
  • Entrance to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and additional expenses




At Commencing your day with a pick up at your hotel at approximately 6 am, we will begin our journey towards the village of Lares, where we will begin our hike. On this trek, we will stop at the village of Calca. Once we have arrived, you will have the opportunity to visit the local market, enjoy a breakfast or to purchase any supplies you may need. Use this opportunity to purchase some bread, in order to hand out to the children that you will meet during your trek, if you wish. Once you have arrived at Lares, you will visit the hot springs and relax while our cooks prepare a delicious lunch to fill yourselves up and regain energy to continue with the trek. After you have finished eating, we will start the hike towards the campsite that is located in Sondor (3800m). An uphill walk of 3 hours, will give you good training for the following day when we will ascend to the highest point of the journey. For that evening, we will be joining the house where our horsemen reside who will soon be joining our trip. Upon arriving at your tents, you will feel at home with gifts of popcorn, sweets and some hot tea before indulging in dinner.
• Transport time: 4 hours
• Hiking time: 6 hours
• Climate during the day: Warm
• Climate during the night: Cold



After a nourishing breakfast prior to taking on the hike in order to reach the highest peak, the pass of Sacsayllame or Hucahuasi (4400m/14435ft). Approximately after 2 hours of a steep uphill walk, you will arrive at the destination. There will be an emergency horse that will be accompanying us, in order to reassure everybody that they will be able to make it to the top. Throughout the entirety of this trek, you will be walking along the glorious sights of the enormous mountains. Be mesmerized as your eyes gaze at the beautiful patchwork of agricultural lands. The higher we ascend, the colder it will get. Once we have reached our highest point, we will go down in order to pass the beautiful lagoon to enjoy a rewarding lunch by the river. Take time out to regain your energy as our cooks prepare a delicious meal. After you have taken time out to recuperate, we will commence the downhill walk through a forest, where you will be able to enjoy the sights of the Queuñas (Polyepis), a typical Peruvian tree. This hike will take roughly 4 hours, as we finally arrive and set camp for the night at Pucara (3100m/10170ft). Once you have arrived, you will receive some hot snacks and hot tea, in order to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible after your strenuous day. Before calling it a day, you will be having a wholesome dinner.
• Hiking time: 8 hours
• Transport time: half an hour
• Climate during day/night: Cold and warm



You will embark on another early morning, as your journey commences at 6 am with a vehicle waiting to take you to Ollantaytambo village. Upon arrival to Ollantaytambo you will be able to enjoy a short ride on a tourist train to get to Km 104, where the Royal Inca Trail starts with a hike towards Chachabamba (2270m/7448ft). Your knowledgeable guide will inform you about the history of this archeological site. Continuing the journey, shortly you will approach Wiñayhuayna (2650m/8694ft) the second most important archeological site, with Machu Picchu being the first. The trail continues towards the Sun Gate, known as “Intu Punku”, where you will be able to experience a wonderful view, and enjoy as night dawns on Machu Picchu (2400m/7874ft). Due to the fact that there is still a walk left to approach the hotel in Aguas Calientes, only a short stay at the Sanctuary will be available on the first day.
• Transfer time: 1.5 hours



Making our way towards Machu Picchu, you will leave the hotel after having an early breakfast, roughly around 5:30am by bus. Early mornings are the ideal time to visit, as you will get to appreciate the tranquility that you will not be able to do so when the crowds begin to arrive. You will get a real feel of what life was like for the Incas, and appreciate the architecture of Machu Picchu. The scheduled arrival time to the citadel is at 6 am, where your guide will give you a detailed tour about Machu Picchu and its empowering history. After you have learnt about this wonder of the world, you will be free to explore and enjoy the sight of the ground on your own. You may decide to explore Huayna Picchu to enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the citadel (which has an extra cost and must be book in advance). After you have enjoyed your day, a bus will take you down to Aguas Calientes. Make sure you have packed all your belongings, as you will leave Aguas Calientes that same afternoon later on.
• Hiking time: 02 hours
• Total distance: 4 km.


  • Please be aware that you will have to carry your own luggage since there is not an extra porter in the 2-day Inca Trail.
  • The walking sticks are not included, but if you prefer we can arrange to provide you a pair of basic poles with an extra cost.
  • If you would like to climb to Huayna Picchu Mountain, please take in mind that is an unguided hike and require and additional cost. If you are interested, please consult with your travel specialist as we need to check availability far in advance.


  • Bring the appropriate clothing for warm and cold weather:
  • Hiking or trekking shoes are necessary
  • Rain poncho or a waterproof jacket
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, toilet paper, hand cleanser and a hat

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