Pre-Inca Trail Briefing
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Pre-Inca Trail Briefing

The evening before you depart for your unforgettable Inca Trail trek, a View Peru representative will visit you at your accommodation to brief you on your adventure ahead. This briefing will include going over the itinerary to ensure you understand and to prepare you for the route and will give you a chance to ask any unanswered questions. Another goal of this briefing is to complete any paperwork and to ensure you are adequately packed for your trek. If your package include a porter extra, At the briefing you will recieve a duffle bag to pack 3-4 days of clothes in as well as your sleeping bag. Since the duffle bag will be carried by the porters on your trek, it is legally limited to weighing 5kg (10lbs) or less. Any extra weight you will have to carry with you in your personal day pack. Remember, you will not be able to access items in your duffle bag during the day as porters walk ahead of the group, so pack anything you think you will want during the day (snacks, sunscreen, water, layers, etc.) in the day pack that you carry. You will want to leave most of your luggage behind, and you accommodation in Cusco will safely store it for you until your return.

The most imporant thing about this pre-Inca Trail briefing is that you have all of your questions answered, and that you are packed and mentally ready for the incredible feat you are about to start!

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