Inca Trail Tours to Machu Picchu – Superior Services
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Our Peru Travel Packages

Inca Trail Tours to Machu Picchu – Superior Services

Cheap Inca Trail Tours is a division of View Peru & Signatures, we offers affordable Inca trail tours packages in varying degrees of exclusivity; Basic Backpackers, Standard, Confortable, Superior, Luxury, and Private tours in any degree. Our local porters, chefs, masseuses, equipment, and cuisine are the best and most recommended in the Inca trail and trekking industry as a whole.

Inca Trail Itineraries with Daily Departures

Cheap Inca Trail Tour´s site is operated by View Peru & Signatures, a licensed and insured tour operator based in Peru and Bolivia, Get inspired to start your adventure – look through our Inca trail itineraries. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. We are available from 9am-7am (EST) Monday-Friday, and 9am-5pm (EST) Saturday.

Superior Salkantay trek tour operator

View Peru is based in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador and we have worked for a substantial amount of time in the travel business. Our managers, sales executives, and other employees know all there is to know about tourism and Inca trail packages. Our sales executive themselves have been to and are highly knowledgeable of the places you are going to visit, meaning they can do an excellent job in putting your trip together. Our staff speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Swedish, are all highly educated and well-rounded individuals. Therefore, you can be confident in us to prepare an outstanding tour package for you that will exceed your expectations.


Unlike most travel agencies in Europe and the United States, we are the tour operator as well as the travel coordinator. This means that we both arrange the travel logistics and operate the tours ourselves. Most agencies abroad buy their services from a local tour operator here in Peru, which means higher prices for you, the consumer. Also, the travel agencies who are not here on the ground cannot guarantee the quality of services because they rely on someone else to put together your package. At View Peru, we can guarantee the quality of service because we organize everything and are the tour operator; we can ensure that everything on your tour runs smoothly because we are here in Peru, your destination.


We are a Peruvian tour operator directly selling tours to our clients all around the world. There are no middlemen that want to get their share of the cake, this means that we can keep the prices as low as possible for you. With us you get the best value packages on the market. We do not spend a lot of money on marketing that would cause our clients to have to pay higher prices. Instead we rely on word of mouth, this makes it crucial for us to have satisfied customers.


It is very important to us that our activities do not have a negative impact on the local people or environment. On the contrary, we seek to have a positive impact on both the local communities and the environment. We have a sustainable tourism policy that is influencing every decision made in our company, read more under the Sustainable Tourism section of the webpage. We have committed to donate 1% of our profit every year to local development projects, we try to buy all of our products and services locally, and we have a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2015.


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